Accommodating Cultures: Things That Russians & Americans Should Know About Each Other

Americans and Russians dating each other is a fairly common phenomenon; more so than media would portray. This is because while both USA and Russia are located across the Pacific from one another, they nevertheless share some intrinsic values.

People from both countries fiercely believe in ‘pulling yourself up by the bootstraps’. Both cultures place a strong emphasis on raising a family.  These two are principal philosophies that form the foundation of any society; and they both share these intrinsic values with one another.

Hence, it is not surprising that people from each country is able to get along with one another; so much so that they often end up dating. In many cases, these dates lead to the couples that transcend international borders, marrying each other.


couplesHowever, despite the inherent similarities between Russians and Americans, it is important to understand that there are some cultural nuances tied with each culture that the other would find odd. A successful couple will try to understand these unusual practices and treat their partners with respect to them.

Here are three things from both nationalities that the other would find peculiar.

american-customsAmerican Customs


  • Americans place a lot of value on privacy and personal space. This is a concept that many cultures find bizarre, but is a core aspect that defines modern day America.
  • Americans do not like to speak about their personal wealth and lifestyle in public spaces. This is contrary to the perception that many Russians hold about foreigners being wealthy and ostentatious; a belief carried over from the country’s Soviet days.

russian-traditionsRussian Traditions


  • Russians are fiercely independent, even more so than many Americans would imagine. This often leads to them participating in activities in an effort to feel at liberty.
  • Russia historically treats its women with a lot of respect and men go well out of their way to give women their space in public areas.
  • Russians are very superstitious. Many Americans have a hard time getting accustomed to this reality but in the end, they get accustomed to it.

These cultural nuances are the most important dating tips for Russian singles, as well as American ones.

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