Why Russian Women Like Western Men

To Russian women, western men are foreign and exotic. They have a degree of freedom that is envied and sought after among individuals from eastern countries. After constantly searching for love in their native land, Russian women turn to western men to find true love.

One important factor here is the dramatic difference between the number of men and women in Russia.

There are far more women than there are men and this obviously makes it difficult for middle-aged Russian women to find partners they would truly love.

Instead of opting to stay alone, western men come off as the perfect options.

Western Men Seem More Relaxed

According to Russian women, most western men have a relaxed attitude to love and life. Especially for women coming from a region where formal culture is practiced, this comes as an important factor. The free lifestyle is empowering and refreshing. At the same time, the open mindedness is another factor that appeals to Russian women along with the silly sense of humor. Almost all women from all around the world find a good sense of humor desirable in their partners.

Better Level Of Maturity

Another trait that Russian women find attractive in western men is their maturity. Even though many western men like to enjoy life, they also have a strong drive to work and are eager to be successful. This also makes Russian women more eager to meet western men and settle down into long term relationships.

Exciting Options

According to Russian women, another important factor is the number of options they have when it comes to western men.

The number of middle-aged men in Russia and neighboring regions are dramatically lower compared to the number of women. This cuts down the chances of finding the right man. Therefore, many Russian women consider dating in the US a viable option to fall in love and eventually get married.

These are all the reasons why Russian women are so willing to date men in the US.

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