A Few Gifts You Should Never Send Over To Your Russian Girlfriend

Are you looking forward to dating a Russian girl in the US? You’ve started at the right place. Our innovative dating platform allows you to break through cultural boundaries and reach out to eligible Russian singles to eventually meet them in person.

However, Russian girls are a bit different. You will need to brush up on a few aspects before reaching out to one.

Therefore, this blog helps you identify a few gifts that should never – and we mean NEVER – be given to Russian girls. Read on!

A Cactus Pot

They might work for American women, but Russian women look for gifts that have more value to them. Besides, gifting a prickly plant in a pot is never a good idea. It just doesn’t convey a message of devotion or love.

A Mug

Mugs are the most common gifts among Russians. If it is customized and tells a story, it is a good idea; otherwise it is just too unoriginal.


Sleeper are considered as a symbol of death, so you probably get why it is bad gifting one. We’d stay away from that one, if we were you.

Gift Cards

If you have just started dating, gift cards may not put forth the right message. It conveys that you don’t care enough for her to actually go out there, and look for something yourself. Similarly, giving her cash is another big no-no.

Personal Hygiene Items

Giving personal hygiene items like creams and shampoos, regardless of how good the packaging is, is never a good idea. It comes off as quite rude and may actually cost you your relationship.


Make this a rule of thumb; any sort of gift that reminds a person about their physical appearance should be avoided – unless of course, she’s specifically asked for something in that category. In that case, go for it!

Sharp Objects Like Knives

Russians generally believe that sharp objects bring disagreements and bad luck – a big no for a gift!

Kitchen Utensils

Let’s be straightforward, men don’t choose kitchen utensils to be sure that their partners will love using them. Moreover, why should a gift remind her of chopping vegetables or scrubbing dishes? Would you appreciate receiving a screwdriver as a gift?

The rules are simple – stay away from these gifts. Russian girls like to be pampered and feel loved. Go for something that truly depicts your feelings for her. Still on the search? Sign up and start dating Russian single women, right away!

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