Here’s Why Girls Are Going Crazy Over Dating Russian Guys

Have you ever wondered what it’s like dating a Russian guy? Haven’t we all? Once you do meet one and start dating, you will be besotted over how different they are and how special they make you feel.

Good looks. Foreign accent. And that oh-so-endearing demeanor!

In this blog post, we shed light over why girls are going crazy about dating Russian men:

They Never Let You Pay

Although they will love to hear you say that you want to split the bill, Russian men will never let you pay. It isn’t their style and they always want to cover all of your expenses.

They Want To Pick You Up

Another important quality of Russian guys is that they will always pick you up to take you on a date. They will never let you ride the bus or drive yourself.

They Take Relationships Seriously

Russian guys are some of the respectful and humble men out there. Most of them are not looking for one-night stands; they want to look after you, respect you and make the relationship last.

They Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Even though women today want to stick to gender neutral roles within their relationships, but if you are the more traditional type, these guys are the perfect match for you. They will make you feel delicate and feminine—like you’re the only woman who matters to them!

They Will Want To Meet Your Family

Didn’t you just hate it when your ex always went ‘poof!’ every time you wanted them to see your parents? Not happening with Russian guys. If your relationship takes on serious turns, they will often be the first ones to ask if they can meet your family.

They Are Protective

Russian guys want to make sure that you are safe at all times. We are talking about the type of guys who want you to dress well if it is cold outside, wait outside your home till you safely go inside and call you up every now and then to check up on you. Isn’t that wonderful?

They Will Always Go Out Of The Way To See You Happy

Russian men always put their significant other’s priority first. It is a common sight to see Russian men drive cheaper cars while their wives drive higher end vehicles. They consider their children and partners as the top priorities at all times.

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