Accommodating Cultures: Things That Russians & Americans Should Know About Each Other

Americans and Russians dating each other is a fairly common phenomenon; more so than media would portray. This is because while both USA and Russia are located across the [...]

Why Russian Women Like Western Men

To Russian women, western men are foreign and exotic. They have a degree of freedom that is envied and sought after among individuals from eastern countries. After constantly [...]

Making Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

For newbies, creating an online dating profile can be intimidating. It is not always to depict yourself as special without coming off as desperate. Not to worry, when you [...]

A Few Gifts You Should Never Send Over To Your Russian Girlfriend

Are you looking forward to dating a Russian girl in the US? You’ve started at the right place. Our innovative dating platform allows you to break through cultural boundaries [...]

Dating After 40? Use These Tips To Stand Out!

Meeting trustworthy men is a challenge, particularly if you are over 40. You are not hitting up local clubs or bars anymore; your social circle is the same it has been for [...]

Here’s Why Girls Are Going Crazy Over Dating Russian Guys

Have you ever wondered what it’s like dating a Russian guy? Haven’t we all? Once you do meet one and start dating, you will be besotted over how different they are and how [...]

Are You Making These Online Dating Mistakes?

All of us are constantly moving to online alternatives to purchase cars, homes, gadgets and much more. It is easy, convenient and fast. Same is the case with online dating. [...]

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